Nightclubs in Hanoi

If you want to see the beautiful people of Vietnam cutting their moves, there are several local clubs to check out. New clubs tend to go in and out of favour like Beckham's haircuts, so ask around for what's hot or not before venturing forth.

Apocalypse Now
Add: 5C Pho Hoa Ma
Tel: 971 2783
Opened from 8pm to 1am.
A popular place of pilgrimage for Hanoi's hedonists. It really fires up on weekends, and is known for its loud and raucous music and street-wise swillers. It used to close when the last customers trickled away, but now the fun police crash the parly around 1am.

New Century Nightclub
Add: 10 PhoTrangThi
Tel: 928 5285
The place to be seen for young Vietnamese who love to flash the cash. Dress to impress, as this club is right out of New York, London or Paris.