The moment of relaxation and entertainment in Danang

After hard-working days, Danang people often make the habit of relaxing at the entertainment areas in the city. March 29th Park and Water Park are the two familiar places of Danang people. The whole family can walk along the shady streets, enjoying fresh air right at the heart of the city or bathing in fresh water in hot days. People who like the adventure can enjoy strong feelings on spiral-shaped high speed sliding condiut at the Water Park.

At night, the cinemas such as Le Do, Danang, Tran Phu No.86 are full of people. These are the places for not only watching fascinating films but the wholesome rendez-vous for couple of lovers. People who like to watch the traditional art genres can drop in the Nguyen Hien Dinh classical drama theatre. At the Trung Vuong theatre, the major and modern performances also attract a large number of audiences.

In addition, Danang people are often very keen on gathering in karaoke shops, bars, discotheques or coffee shops, mixing with exciting atmosphere in order to forget daily tiredness for starting a new day overflowed with joy which life brings in.