Quick Tips/Suggestions in Hoi An

-This town is best seen by bike. It is that perfect size, where a bike will get you anywhere in an instant and a walk may seem a little too far.

-Come into stores with an idea of what you are looking for and how much you want to spend. It is amazing how well they can convince you to buy more things, to get something to match, etc. You can also certainly bargain in this town. Negotiating prices is a part of the culture.

-Make sure you really look around town for the right place to do business. It is easy to jump up and down and get excited with the first shop you find, but, the different places have different quality of fabrics and are worth checking out.

-There is an underground night scene in this town. When the popular tourist bars close, there are hired people telling tourists the best places to go next. Be warned, that the places are pretty far down the road and is likely just a party in a garage. That being said, if you are down for an adventure, hop on a motorbike and go!