Restaurants in Vietnam

Featuring information on the latest and best restaurants, bars, cafes and clubs around Vietnam. Help you find good places to eat,to drink and have a friend or family party while travelling. With our information on places to eat in Vietnam, you not only can eat like Vietnamese but also can do like being at your homeland.

Bars in Hanoi

Bars in Hanoi are important places for tourists hang out after day time touring discover Hanoi or other destinations. Here is the listing of popular bars and pubs in Hanoi

The cafes in Hue city

Best Cafes in Hue City in Western and Vietnamese Styles in the Center of Hue closed to hotels and resorts. Easy for tourists to find and relax in their spare time.

Restaurants in Cao Bang

Restaurants in Cao Bang City, A remote City in Mountainous Areas about 320 kms far from Hanoi, this place is popular for tourists Who love the adventure travel.

Drinking in Sapa

Considering the number of travellers to Sapa, organised entertainment is relatively scarce and the bar scene slow. For most, an evening out is the guesthouse balcony, particularly if the fog rolls in.

Vietnamese food in Ho Chi Minh city

Travel to Vietnam to discover Vietnamese culture and people and another important thing is Vietnamese foods, Here are Vietnamese food restaurants in Ho Chi Minh city Where you can enjoy best...

Great coffee in Dalat

If you love coffee Da Lat is one of the best places for coffees, try Thuy Ta and Thanh Thanh restaurants by Xuan Huong Lake, the coffee street on the slope going up to Hoa Binh Quarter. Also, visit...

Where to eat at night in Dalat

Da Lat eateries usually remain open until midnight. They have good reason. Tourists often bundle themselves up in warm clothing and wander the streets in spite of the chilly mountain air. Their hunger...

Specialty Foods in Dalat

If you have an adventurer's palate, there are places where you can try something you may never have eaten before. Many are suitable for a group of five or six friends. • Barbecues You will be impressed by the way chefs season their meat. Your mouth will water as you watch the waiter fill...