Buying Souvenirs in Yen Bai

Luc Yen gem pictures:
Precious stones make up the beauty for this wealthy land. The soul of Luc Yen people is expressed through each gem pictures. With skilfull hands of local craftmen, nice jewelleries and pictures are made up from little and colourfull gems. Visitors can buy them at Duc Tin and Ngoc Anh private enterprises in Yen The town, Luc Yen district.

Brocade weaving:
Coming to Yen Bai, visitors should not miss the chance to get to the Western where forests are covered by white bauhinia mixing with the colour of ethnic girls’ costumes. Traditional brocade weaving villages of Thai, Tay, Dao, Muong ethnic groups still remain from generation to generation. Each kind of costumes shows specific characteristics of different ethnic groups. Ending the tour, wearing a brocade shirt, visitors will never forget a land in Yen Bai province.