Buying flowers in Dalat

For a long time, Dalat has been considered as "a city of flowers". According to the estimation of some offices, by the end of the year 2000,there were 600 kinds of daisies, 20 kinds of chrysantemums, 15 kinds of ocillest and 10 kinds of roses entered Dalat. Flowers brought back from Dalat should be put in water for one hour or two to make flowers nice in a long time. When arrange, you should take out some leaves to gather nutritious substances to flowers in order to make flowers  bloom more and nicer.

Besides flowers entered from outside, dalat has a lot of wild flowers that are very popular such as hedgeroses or sunflowers... as well as some natural orchids. Not mentioning  here is the entering of a kind of land orchids (Cybidium) with 300 different types that make the world of flowers in Dalat become the most prosperous in Vietnam, Dalat also has pots of flowers produced by Hasfarm sold in the market. There are some typical kinds such as gruy-eres, chrysanthemums.....Apot is from 200.000 dongs to 30.000dongs and it lasts for 4 weeks or more. After the flowers have bloomed up, you can take the plant out and grow in soil, the plant will live and can also blossom up.

The price of flowers vary according to seasonal times, but the eprice only rise up on the occsion of Teacher'sDay (November 20),The Lunar January, The Lunar July or New Year's Day,the price are sometimes vary high but sometimes they are not very high. At dalat market, there are 2 regions that sell flowers : the front of the market and the back of the market (going on the left way). When buying flowers, customers will have careful packages to bring flowers for a long. Dalat Hasfarm flowers shop is at 16 B Nguyen Chi Thanh street, Tel 8257960.

Buying orchids, decorating plants: An orchid is 30.000 dongs to 50.000 dongs/ price, on Lunar Year's Day it can rise to 60.000 dongs , even 150.000 dongs a price according to the kind Visitors can buy it in front of Hai Son

Some recommended addresses:

"Lang Biang Lan" at No.42 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh street (5 km from Dalat) owned by the artist Huy Duong .Mr. Duong 's garden has about 100.000 kinds of orchids and over 200.000 pots of orchids .

Besides, Lang Biang Lan also provides chrysanhtemums and other flowers for customers. You can contact Tel: 063-821234, 091865021, 091737000 or Website: 2000/langbiang-orchid.

Ngo Van Bich's at Ha Dong commune on Xo Viet Nghe Tinh street. Being 80 years old, he is one of the rare people who enjoy decorated plants and flowers. His garden has than 2000 pots of orchids and decorated plants Luc Sinh Hoa garden: No.13 Nguyen Dinh Chieu street, Tel 822755. It is specialized in selling orchids from seeds to flowers .

Cao Ngay Atrist No.39 Dong Tarn street, Tel 821740): his garden has about 15000 pots of orchids type Al: among then, some aready have flowers, 30 to 40 pots. On Tet holidays, his famili often send their to Ha Noi and HCM city for an average price of 145.000 dongs / orchid plant.

The flowers garden of Dalat city: there is a place where orchids are displayed as well as decorated plants so visitors can watch or even buy them.