Shopping in Dalat market

At first , dalat market was at 3/4 cinema (Hoa Binh cinema ) on top of Hoa Binh square and it was called "Wooden Market"(because it was made of wood, tiled by toles), and the inhabitants of Dalat that time was only about two thousand. In 1037, a fire detroyed all wooden houses, The market was rebuilt in form of a cafe, there were no walls around because the population was small, the weather was cold, the market was open from morning till 4 p.m . The empty area in front of the market was called the market square.

The book "Dalat, a city on plateau" by HCM city publisher in 1993 wrote :"Just in of front market, there is a badge carved the picture of a Lach couple, a tiger and a Latin proverb. Most of the stores round the market were owned by the Chinese.

In 1958 , the population of Dalat rose quickly, people decided to build a new market in a water creson poolfthe same place now) The old market was transformed to Hoa Binh cinema. Between the new market and the old market (the kiosques nowadays) there were French and Indian shops (they have been repaired till now ). After being abroad, the famous architect Ngo Viet Thu (who had won the Roman championship about architecture) gave some ideas about building some stairs going to make it separate.In 1999 , on the occastion of the one hundred years of finding out Dalat, the market was started to renovate. The whole area of the market is 22.000m2 with 1469 business households. There is also an area for hotels (not built yet) which in 8556m2. There are different types of products which are sold here, mainly on the grround floors and first floor. On the ground floor , there 93 stores selling specialities of Dalat . The most noticeable place is the flower place with 28 stores at the front of the market and some of these stores are 40 years old. On Lunar New Year Day flowers are sold everywhere and flowers bloom up. This makes the market brilliant.

Besides flowers, jam and fruit is sold on the ground floor. Side A of the floor sells wollen clothes and handicrafts. Woolen clothes are tranditional in Dalat, this job attracts a lot of female workers and there are various types of models with various price suitable for all people.

Dalat market is also specialized in selling vegetables ( inluding fruit and potatoes). Evey midnight, there is a big market of vegetable on the way to Dalat market. In the early morning , when visitors go out for breakfast, the street are already clean up thanks to the workers.