Special local made products in Lai Chau

Rice 64 and Dien Bien sticky rice

These are best kinds of rice that are grown in Muong Thanh rice field, one of the largest ricefield in the North West of Vietnam. They are known all over the country and especially popular in such provinces as Son La, Hoa Binh, Ha Noi and other neighbouring provinces.

Sau Chit alcohol

According to local people, Sau Chit is a good kind of alcohol for the health, which have been favoured by the “heads” of villages and group of villages. Nowadays, all of visitors coming to Dien Bien Phu want to taste it.
Brocade products

Brocade products reflex clearly the cultural and spiritual life of ethnic groups. In addition, they are made by hard-working and skilfull ethnic women. They also show thier suol and feelings through every single designs of such brocade products as costums, Pieu scarves, bags, blankets, matresses, etc.

Rattan and bamboo plainted products

In every day life, the ethnic people have used natural materials to make useful objects. They are also very nice souvenirs for tourists such as rattan desks, chairs, baskets, etc.

Coming to Dien Bien Phu, visitors will feel the greatness of Dien Bien Phu historical victory. Visitors also have chance to taste special local made products, to to enjoy beautiful folk songs and to buy nice souvenirs for relatives and friends.