Tailor shops in Hoi An

Welcome to Hoi An, a small port town in the middle of Vietnam where experienced tailors eagerly await your order. You may be thinking that this is impossible, or that it would cost a fortune. You may also be thinking that to get this service you would have to go to an expensive tailor in Beverly Hills. Well, you would be wrong!

In Hoi An you will have the luxury of walking into a shop knowing that whatever you buy will fit perfectly and that every detail will be as you wish. The biggest dilemma will be which color to choose for your new outfit!

When you arrive an oasis of tailor shops greets you. You can choose a tailor on your own, or if you want a recommendation, you can ask at the front desk of your hotel. They will have feedback from recent guests and will also direct you on where to go to begin your shopping.

As you enter a store very experienced tailors will greet you. First the tailors will measure you and next you will choose which colors and types of cloth you want. Cotton and silk are the main fabrics used for clothing made in Hoi An, and they range in quality. Colors are about the only thing that vary from shop to shop and if you are not satisfied with the selection at the store you go to, the tailors will be more than happy to use cloth from another shop.

The next part of the process is the most fun. During this time you are able to describe exactly what you want to the tailors. If you don't know exactly what you want, the tailors will happily guide you along until you are satisfied with your order. Pockets or no pockets? Exactly how long should that skirt be? And what color buttons for that shirt? The tailors will cater to your requests and to make sure that you will look good in the clothes that they make for you.

The first is Tien. The shop specializes in silk and cotton garments and has an assortment of colors and styles to choose from. These friendly tailors charge reasonable prices and speak both French and English. Orders can be made at the store at 54 Nguyen Truong To. Orders can also be made by Telephone: 0510-863900, or by email: Haipq_2000@hotmail.com.

Dong Phuong, the second shop. Dong Phuong is located at: 15b Le Loi Street and their telephone is: 0510-861422. This shop makes all types of clothes and also has all kinds of materials. They also promise quick service.The service is friendly and the tailors make beautiful clothing.