Top Shops In The Top Town

HCM City highlights 22 shops where tourists can enjoy shopping with quality products and quality service

Among the thousands of shops of all sizes in HCM City, Vietnam's biggest trading and shopping center, there are 22 shops, mostly in downtown Saigon, that have passed a test to be designated shops of the high standard needed in serving tourists. The selection was made by the city government's Department of Tourism.
Last November, a panel worked for a whole month to judge candidates and picked out the 22 best shops. Qualified shops must have good infrastructure, diverse products, reasonable prices and good services.

"We have granted the title to improve service quality and competitiveness of tourism businesses to cater for tourists' shopping demands," says Nguyen Thi Lap Quoc, director of the Department of Tourism, the mastermind of this effort to make tourists feel very satisfied during their trips to the city.

Shoppers can recognize the 22 shops because they display a sign depicting the Lac Bird, a legendary bird in the Vietnamese culture.

The title is effective for two years and will be considered for renewal. HCM City tourism authorities say more shops will be selected following the first 22 shops (see map on the facing page).

1. Creations
Tel: 8295429
Add: 105 Ðong Khoi St., D. 1
2.  Diamond Plaza
Tel: 8257750
Add: 34 Le Duan St., D. 1
3. My nghe Dong Phuong (Dong Phuong Fine Arts)
Tel: 8228668
Add: 5 Le Van Huu St., D. 1
4. Kenly Silk
Tel: 8299754
Add: 84 Le Loi St., D. 1
5. Khai Silk
Tel: 8291146
Add: 107 Ðong Khoi St., D. 1
6. Khai Silk
Tel: 8293968
Add: 38 Ðong Khoi St., D. 1
7. Miss Ao Dai
Tel: 8222139
Add: 21 Nguyen Trung Ngạn St., D. 1
8. Nga Shop (PNJ)
Tel: 8256289
Add: 61 Le Thanh Ton St., D. 1
9. PNJ Phu Nhuan Shop (Phu Nhuan Jewelry)
Tel: 8443839
Add: 52b Nguyen Van Troi St., D. 3
10. PNJ Tan Dinh Shop
Tel: 8230479
Add: 292 Hai Ba Trung St., D. 1
11. My Nghe Phuong Nam (Phuong Nam Fine Arts)
Tel: 8370434
Add: 219 Nguyen Trai St., D. 1
12. Saigon Jewelry Center
Tel: 8258969
Add: 66ter Le Loi St., D. 1
13. Saigon Woolen Carpet And Embroidery
Tel: 8244803
Add: 14 Nguyen Hue St., D. 1
14. Saigontourist Department Store
Tel: 8277644
Add: 35 bis Le Thanh Ton St., D. 1
15. Cua hang My Thuat Sai Gon Gòn (Saigon Fine Arts)
Tel: 8231988
Add: 160 Pasteur St., D. 1
16. Cty TNHH SX-TM Tay Son (Tay Son Predution and Trading)
Tel: 9325708
Add: 198 Vo Thi Sau St., D. 1
17. T& M Silk
Tel: 8245398
Add: 155 Ðong Khoi St., D. 1
18. Tax Plaza
Tel: 8213849
Add: 135 Nguyen Hue St., D. 1
19. XQ Saigon
Tel: 8291172
Add: 52 Phạm Hong Thai St., D. 1
20. Cty Qua tang VITA (VITA Gifts)
Tel: 8334056
Add: 66-68 Nguyen Trai St., D. 1
21. Zen Plaza
Tel: 9250339
Add: 54-56 Nguyen Trai St., D. 1
22. 27-7 Product Advertising Showroom
Tel: 8408207
Add: 153 Xô Viet Nghe Tinh St., Binh Thanh District