Passenger transport

Methods of selling ticket
Fare, fare rate, train schedule, transport conditions, time for selling ticket and receiving parcels are posted in train waiting rooms and ticket windows of every station.

Every station sells tickets through telephone and ticket agents before the train departs.

Types of ticket and seat
Vietnam Railway Corporation has these types of tickets: international passenger tickets, North - South passenger tickets, tickets for foreigners, collective tickets, local passenger tickets, baggage tickets, second tickets, seeing-off tickets.

These are types of seat in passenger trains:
- Seat: Hard seat and soft seat
-Berth: Hard berth and soft berth

The regulations of traveling by train
Passengers must have regular ticket and obey strictly to the regulations of travelling by train.
Passengers must use ticket in specific date and train as well as sit in specific car and seat number.

Valueless tickets
These kinds of ticket are not valid: Unread tickets, erased tickets without the confirmation of the railway sector. Besides, tickets which are used not in specific train number and date are also valueless.

Cases of ticket exemption and fare reduction
- With children under five: One-seat ticket is used for an adult and a child under five.
- With children from five to ten: They must be accompanied by adult and buy ticket with half-fare reduction.
- The fare of collective ticket for more than 50 passengers is reduced 10%.
- The fare of collective ticket for 20-40 foreign passengers is reduced 10%, the percentage is 15 when passengers are more than 41.

Passengers go up and down
-Passengers can go down at a halt but they are not refunded on the unused portion of their itinerary.
-Passengers can go down at a halt and continue traveling in other train in case of unexpected illness but they must inform the station of their situation.
- With passengers using collective ticket: They can go down at a halt in case they negotiated in advance with the station and their request was accepted.

Giving ticket back
The time for giving ticket back is regulated as follow:
- With regional and mixed passenger trains: before the train departs.
- With express and super-express trains: 4 hours before the train departs.
- With collective tickets: 12 hours before the train departs.

Exchanging ticket
In case passengers can not use ticket in specific date and train, they can exchange ticket basing on these following conditions:
- With express and super-express train: 24 hours before the train departs.
- With regional and mixed passenger train: before the train departs.
When passengers give ticket back, they must pay handling charge and their money is subtracted 10%.

The weight of hand-baggage is exempt from fare basing on these following regulations:
- 20 kg for a passenger ticket
- 10 kg for a half of passenger ticket

Prohibited goods
- Dangerous materials such as explosive, toxic product, radioactive substance, weapon, etc (except passengers have using licence).
- Death body, dirty materials.
- The goods which are prohibited from circulating by the State.
- Alive animals (except dog, cat, bird, golden fish but they must be kept carefully).
- The bulky goods which prevent people from walking and damage equipment in the car.

Refused cases
Vietnam Railway Corporation refuses or suspends transport in these following cases:
-Passengers who don't obey to the regulations of travelling by train.
-Drunk passengers, mad passengers, passengers who have contagious disease or other disease which is dangerous for them as well as other passengers.

Hiring car and train
Passengers can hire train or car but they must give their requirement in advance basing on these regulations: The types of car; the number of cars, passengers and baggage; departure station, arrival station, stopping station (if having); the date and time of using (if hiring train).
Hirer must pay all the money as soon as the transport contract has been signed. If the contract is cancelled; besides 10%-subtracted money, hirer must pay other handling charge.