Train Card

The Application of the regulation:

The Train Cards are applied in North-South passenger train trips. They are also applied for some Regional Express train trips.

The Train Card’s Features:

- The serial number of the card is numbered in accordance with the management unit: The Cards of North-South passenger train are numbered ascending from A000001, the Cards of Regional Express train are numbered ascending from B000001. The Cards are added the number 1 at the end of the cards’ serial number (A000001-1, B000001-1) if the cards belong to Hanoi Management Unit, number 2 (A000001-2, B000001-2) if the cards belong to Danang Management Unit and number 3 (A000001-3, B000001-3…) if the cards belong to Sai Gon Management Unit.

- The dimension of the card is 58 x 89mm. The pink cards are for berth carriages, the yellow cards are for seat carriages and the white cards are for standby carriages.

- The Train Card has two kinds: Official Card and Standby Card. The Standby Cards are granted for additional seats. The Standby Cards sold out in one carriage must not exceed 20% of the total designed seats of this carriage. When there are requirements to transfer the seat to berth, the Standby Cards sold out equal to the seats required transferring.

Train Card Management:

The Management Unit is responsible for granting the Train Cards to the train teams when they start their work shift, and collecting and storing the cards from these teams when they finish their work shift.

The official cards are under management of the persons in charge of the cars. The Standby Cards are under management of the Head of  train. When the Standby Cards are required, the chief delivers to the person in charge and sign into the confirmation book.

Procedures with the passengers:

- All the passengers with the legal ticket (Cards on Public work duty, documents certifying on private work, Scheduled tickets, regular tickets, additional tickets, etc.) are entitled to receiving the Train Cards.

- After the train departs from the depart station (or the regional stations), the railway men have to direct right seat and berth to passengers and check the tickets. Then revoke tickets, deliver Train Cards to passengers and introduce them with all the equipment and furniture on the train. For the passengers who are going to get off at the next stations, the railway men have to remind them about the preparation for getting off. Beside this, railway men have to return tickets to them and revoke the Train Cards. All railway men have to communicate with passengers in good manner and respond to their request as quickly as possible. The railway men are not allowed to deliver Train Cards and Tickets at their private room. They must deliver cards and tickets at passengers’ seat or berths.

- For the passengers who take a short trips under 150km, railway men must not revoke their tickets and deliver cards to them.

Solutions for troubles:

- In case of coincided tickets, railway men have to arrange seats for replacing and deliver Standby Cards to passengers.

- During the trips, if passengers get off and miss the train (railway man on the train is keeping their tickets, passengers are keeping the Train Cards), head of train has to make minute certifying these cases. The head of train and other railway men have to handle with these passengers (in accordance with the Article 28 on rules of passengers carriage, luggage and goods on consignment dated on 1st July 1990).  When the train arrives at the station that the passengers who missed the train get off (write on the ticket), the head of the train hands over minutes and tickets of missed passengers to the station then the station will return to passengers (if required by passengers)

In case of passengers transship, railway men make formalities to return ticket and revoke card so then the passengers can transit to other train. The train that takes the passengers makes procedures of card issuance as regulated.

In case the passenger loses his/her Train Card, head of train has to write a minute to certify this case. The minute is made in 2 copies, 1 copy is passed to the passenger to use as tickets, 1 copy is kept by the head of train to deliver to the Management Unit to handle. When returning ticket to passenger, railway man revokes the minute for filing.

In case all the tickets (that are stored in one bag) are lost one the way, head of train has to make minute for each passenger to certify the seat number, depart station, destination (base on the ticket board or passengers’ words). Passengers use the minutes as tickets. If all the tickets are lost when the train approaches near the destination station and there is not enough time left to make minutes for each passenger, head of train has to make common minute for all passengers and passes the minute to station to help passengers exit the station.

Head of train has to make minute and issue additional tickets for railway men who lose or spoils tickets to deliver to passengers.

Checking and Controlling Train Cards:

The inspection team on train compares the real number of passengers with the number of tickets. The team only checks the Train Card of passenger when it’s really necessary. For the passengers who take short trip (under 150km), inspection team only check passengers’ tickets after checking the ticket board or finding any doubt.