Hue Imperial City

Different from the bustling atmosphere of most of the other tourism paradises in Vietnam, Hue is a rather laid-back city with the typical tranquility and gentleness of an Imperial capital. Once coming here, you will be glamoured by the magnificent palaces, taciturnly old tombs, intriguing pagodas and especially extremely riveting cuisine.



Area: 83.3 sq km

Population: 340,000 (2010)




Hue’s weather and climate is an exception from north and south regions of Vietnam, since it is very extreme and varies among different areas in the province.

The coast and delta feature two distinctive seasons:

+ Dry season from March to August, the weather is very hot and humid, sometimes peaks up at 39,9 °C.

+ Rainy season from August to next January with regular shower and even flood and storms. Average temperature is around

19.7 °C, sometimes lows down at 8,8 °C.

On the contrary, mountainous area has considerable precipitation with cool atmosphere all year round. Average temperature varies between  9 °C to 29 °C.

In general, the best time to visit Hue is in October, while the weather is temperate and the light rain seems to add into Hue romantic atmosphere an irresistible attraction. Avoid June to August since this is when flood and storms mostly attack the area.




Hue Imperial Citadel : Hue Imperial Citadel is situated on the Northern bank of the Perfume River. With an area of 500ha and a system of three circles of ramparts, namely from outside to inside: Kinh Thanh Hue (Hue Capital Citadel), Hoang Thanh (Royal Citadel) and Tu Cam Thanh (Forbidden Citadel).

Thien Mu pagoda: The ancient pagoda was first built in 17th century. Though time passed by, Thien Mu pagoda still reserves solemn yet magnificent.

Nguyen King’s tombs: The places where Nguyen Kings rest in peace are persuasive evidence for the most brilliant Vietnam ancient architecture.

Lang Co Beach: located about 70km south of Hue and 20km north of Danang, Lang Co Beach is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. With 10km in length, white smoothy sandy coast, and a picturesque fishing village nearby, Lang Co beach is truly a “fishing beauty” of the Vietnam central coast.

Thuan An Beach: Thuan An beach is 13km East of Hue city, 12km long, is an ideal place for not only relaxing in muggy days of summer but capturing the most artistic photos during sunset.
Garden house: one of the most typical features of Hue. This is a impeccable combination between mossy ancient houses and luxuriant garden with quintessential architecture and decoration, which brings Hue indescribable tranquility and leisure.
Perfume river: The romantic river crosses the city center and is well-known for its poetic beauty made by its harmony with the river itself and sceneries along its sides. One night, join a Dragon boat and enjoy “Ca Hue” (traditional royal music) while cruising on the river, you can feel the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere which is rarely seen any else where. 

Hue has good reputation for its haute cuisine. Being the imperial ancient capital of Vietnam, to many Hue citizens, cooking is not only to satisfy the food need but soon became an art-work.


“Com Hen”: the most popular dish in Hue. Made by fried clam mussels mixed with some herbs, shredded meat and sesame seeds atop steamed rice.
Add: “Com Hen” is widely sold in many restaurants, but for the most delicious one, come and try at street restaurants on Han Mac Tu str.
Bun Bo Hue”: a tasty dish of rice noodle soup and beef, sometimes added with pork legs. It is served with a lot of herbs and flavors, especially shrimp sauce.
Add: Small street food stalls on Nguyen Du str., “Le” on Dien Bien Phu str.,..
“Banh khoai”: food speciality of Hue, made from rice flour. Its filling is a mixture of fried shrimp, lean meat and mushroom.
Add: Lac Thien restaurant, 6 Dinh Tien Hoang str., Hue city Hong Mai restaurant, 78 Dinh Tien Hoang str., Hue city
“Banh Khoai Chi Lang”, 222 Chi Lang str., Hue city
Different kinds of Hue cakes: the tiny cakes and their weird taste will be an interesting experience for any first-time visitors of Hue
Add: “Madam Cu” at 47 Nguyen Hue str., “Madam Do” at 71 Nguyen Binh Khiem str.
“Com vua” (Royal meal): live yourself back to the old centuries at the solemn and luxurious atmosphere while enjoying the eye catching as well as best-chosen dishes from various food specialities of Hue in royal costumes and royal folk music. Price of this menu varies from 25 USD.
Add: Tinh Gia Vien restaurant, 7/28 Le Thanh Ton, Hue city


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