Handicrafts & Antiques in Hanoi

There are quite a few stores in Hanoi that offer new and antique Vietnamese handicrafts (lacquerware, mother-of-pearl inlaid furniture, ceramics, sandalwood statuettes etc), as well as watercolours, oil paintings, prints and assorted antiques (real and fake). Pho Hang Gai, Pho To Tich, Pho Hang Khai and Pho Cau Go are happy hunting grounds.

Viet Hien (Tel: 826 9769; 8B Pho Ta Hien) An enormous warehouse of antiques, paintings, furniture and handicrafts, including rattan creations that are a hell of a lot cheaper than at home.

Vietnamese House (Tel: 826 2455; 92 Pho Hang Bac) A small but attractive shop dealing in a mix of old and new treasures.

There is a strip of antique shops located on Le Duan, across from the Hotel Nikko on Tran Nhan Tong, but most tend to be overpriced.