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As a Waytovietnam user, you are in control of all your travel-planning. We know you want to remain in control of your personal information as well. We realize that earning and retaining your trust is of paramount importance and it's a responsibility we take very seriously, every day.
That's reason for providing this Privacy Policy, which sets forth our policies regarding the collection, use and protection of the personal information of those using the Waytovietnam website. Personal information means information that can be linked to a specific individual, such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address.
We encourage you to review our Privacy Policy, and become familiar with it, but you should know that we do not sell or rent any our customers' personal information to third parties.
We review our Privacy Policy time to time, and make periodic updating to the policy in connection with that review. Therefore, you should bookmark this page and review it periodically to make sure you have updated version.
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When browsing our site, you are not required to provide any personal information unless and until you choose to make a purchase or sign up for one of our e-mail newsletters or other services as described below. We do not knowingly permit the site to be used by any person under the age of eighteen and we do not knowingly collect any personal information from children (meaning those younger than thirteen years of age). Valid information is required to make a purchase on our site.

Making a Purchase In order to purchase travel and related services through our site, you must provide us with certain personal information such as your name, your telephone number, your passport number, e-mail address and the name or names of the person(s) traveling (if not you). We may also ask you for other personal information, such as your frequent traveler numbers. We require this information so that we can process, fulfill and confirm your reservations and transactions and keep you informed of each transaction's status. If you are making a reservation for one or more travelers other than yourself, you will need to make sure that each of these other travelers agrees, in advance, that you may disclose their personal information to us.

Newsletters If you choose to subscribe, you may receive our newsletters about our special offers, new services or promotion information. When the price for one of your favorite trips or hotel rooms, air tickets changes based on your preferences, Waytovietnam will notify you of the change via e-mail. Your e-mail address is required to receive our newsletters. Our newsletters always consists information make you can unsubscribe at any time.

Online Surveys Waytovietnam values opinions and comments from members, so we frequently conduct online surveys. Participation in these surveys is entirely optional. Typically, the information is aggregated and used to make improvements to Waytovietnam services and to develop appealing content, features and promotions for members. Survey participants are anonymous unless otherwise stated in the survey.

Promotions Waytovietnam frequently sponsors promotions to give our members the opportunity to win great travel and travel-related prizes. Information collected by us for such activities can include contact information and survey questions. We use contact information to notify contest winners and survey information to develop promotions and product improvements to the Waytovietnam web site.

Other From time to time we may add or enhance services available on the site. To the extent these services are provided and used by you, we will use the information you provide to facilitate the service requested. For example, if you email us with a question, we will use your email address, name, nature of the question, etc. to respond to your question. We may also store such information to assist us in making the site the better and easier to use.

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