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Offering all Cruises in Halong Bay and Mekong River from Ho Chi Minh City to Siem Reap and Cruises in Laos. Passengers will have alot of choices of cruises, from standard cruises to luxury cruises, Private family cruises...

HaLong Cruises WaytoVietnam Travel offers all Halong Bay cruises from standard cruises to luxury cruises, from 1 day to 6 days cruises

Paradise Peak Cruise
Paradise Peak Cruise
Best Sale cruise
Oozing grace and elegance, Paradise Peak is the most luxurious ship cruising Halong Bay. Combining opulence, comfort and discretion, the top-of-the-line wooden...
From $475
L’Amour Junk 1 Cabin
L’Amour Junk 1 Cabin
Best Sale cruise
Based on the Ancient Chinese Sail-Boat Style, L’Amour Junk 1 Cabin was designed perfectly by wood, stone and bronze in harmony between tradition and...
From $361
The Au co Cruise
The Au Co Cruise
Best Sale cruise
Experience the most spectacular and stunning seascape of the UNESCO recognized bays and islands on board Au Co Cruise, the most luxurious and beautiful vessel...
From $469

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Rv Mekong Princess Cruise
Mekong Princess Cruise
Best Sale cruise
The MEKONG PRINCESS was launched in 2015 and is the only Mekong River cruise vessel to utilise the central city location of Saigon Port, Ho Chi Minh City...
From $1,025
Mango Cruises
Mango Sampan Cruises
Best Sale cruise
Mekong Mango Cruises are traditional local flat-bottom fishing boats – make for a truly unique experience and come highly recommended by several...
From $416
Mekong Navigator Cruise
Mekong Navigator
Best Sale cruise
Mekong Navigator was built in 2014 is an elegant vessel cruising though Cambodia and Vietnam, Offering an outstanding selection of 34 spacious and indulgent...
From $919

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