Krystyna & Friends

"Great trip!"

We had our own private trip organized and booked by Way to Vietnam and it was wonderful 20 days visiting Vietnam.
Everything that was planned worked out perfectly. We did hiking, biking golfing….
All our pick ups were on time, guides were informative and we got mobile support from our agent Huong along the way.
Definitely recommend this reliable company!

David and Thuy F

"A trip of the lifetime for our family thanks to Huong at Way to Vietnam."

We just came back home from 3 weeks long trip in VietNam. There were 9 adults and 4 children on the trip, my husband, myself, our two daughters,their husbands, our four grandchildren, my two sisters and my niece. My husband thought it was a trip of the life time and we agreed. All thanks go to Huong, the Sale Manager of Way to Vietnam travel agency.

I started to research for the trip on June last year. I normally organized travel trips myself, with no travel agent involved. However there was a ten, eight, three years old and 16 months old grandchildren on the trip, a limited time to fit in with the older children school break and the desire to see as much of the country, especially where I had grown up, that prompted me to seek help from a trustworthy travel agent. I found Way to Viet Nam on Tripadvisor. I always use Tripadvisor for my travel research because so far the reviews on the site are mostly accurate.

Way to Vietnam does not have as many reviews as other agencies, but they have many interesting sample tours on their website, with solid 5 star grade reviews and demonstrates a willingness to help with private tours. They met my requirements at the time. I also felt comfortable with the reviews about Huong.
I received Huong's reply the very next morning after I posted my initial request on their website. From then on we worked on our complicated itinerary for months on end, about 281 emails exchanged and countless text messages on WhatsApp.

We started the trip from Hanoi with 7 adults and 2 children, then made our way south. A week into our trip we added 2 adults and 2 youngest children. To make it more complicated, about 2 months before the trip, my sister and her daughter joined us from different state and difference arrival time. Throughout these changes, Huong calmly welcomed the add-on, the late joiners, the new needs for connecting rooms... She went through a complicated process of rebook the existing hotel reservations to reduce the cost for the late joiners. It was not a pleasant task because the high demand of the hotel rooms during Christmas time, but she did it without me request this.

Huong is very intelligent, astute, very knowledgeable of her trade. Her hotel suggestions and tours were just right with our needs. Five start hotels if we wanted king beds, certain hotels with plenty connected rooms, because we needed to be able to check on our young travelers. The tours which were fun for both adults and children, meals in attractive environments offered local specialties, cruises with bright rooms and connecting balconies, interesting activities....

She is also very patient with my many requirements for a group of travelers aged range from babies to old grandparents. I was the only one in the group involved with planning details for the trip, therefore I took it upon myself to request many things in order to provide comfort for my loved ones. Throughout the six months planning, Huong had worked with me patiently, wisely and gently steering me in the right direction if I was wrong, and listened to me when I had real concerns.

The local guides and drivers she selected to provide services for us were fluent in English, knowledgeable of their local attractions, flexible, gentle and helpful with women and children in our group and friendly with all of us. They were very professional also.

Some highlights of the trip:

In Ha Noi, after carefully asking me if I liked to have bun cha at well known place like Obama's bun cha or a place that the locals like for years, Charlie Nguyen took us to the best Bun Cha lunch we had ever had. It might even be the best meal of our trip. While people waiting in line to see the water puppet show, after Charlie talked to the attendants, we just walked right into the theater, avoiding the long line. The water puppet show was outstanding. I am sorry I can't recall the names of both places but you always can ask Charlie if you use Huong's service.

Au Co Cruise activities were just right for us. The most memorable one was kayaking or having a boat taking us to a lake in the middle of the mountain. We were able to see a wild monkey family complete with mom, dad and babies of all ages. They were fed bananas and we just enjoyed watching their antics while eating the bananas.

In Hoi An, we were able to light up the lanterns from our sunset boat trip, sending them down the river, a magical moment in our life. We then enjoyed a dinner at one of the most beautiful old mansions full of lanterns, where we discovered the Halico Ruou NepMoi, a Vietnamese version of volka, a much better version of volka, full of pandan flavores. It is now our favorite hard liquor drink, unfortunately I am unable to find it in USA.

In Ho Chi Minh City, our guide Viet took us to a food tour on cyclos. Thirteen of us, old and young, were on ten cyclos, waving, smiling at each other like crazy tourists. We stopped multiple places for foods, Viet even took us to try many different kinds of snails, grilled snails, coconut and lemongrass snails.... For me the highlight was the stop at the flower market. I bought a bouquet of delicate yellow orchids which stayed fresh and finally adorned our dinner table at Phu Quoc Premier Village sea view villa.

Viet was also our guide during the three day Mekong delta trip. Huong had ordered a 26 passengers coach for us. We traveled in so much comfort in this spacious bus. We each had our own row, the baby had his car seat, the 3 year old had a portable bed of her own. Viet who is a father of two young children was so kind. He sat close to the young children and helped to comfort the two young children. At the end of the trip, the 3 years hugged him while saying good bye and said "I love you chu Viet". They missed him still.

Our Mekong trip was a trip to Chau Doc and Can Tho to find my childhood homes, my high school and university. Viet and some locals tried very hard to help me find my old homes, but I was not sure we found it. We did find my high school, the big tree on the way to my house and the park I used to play with my sisters when we were young in Chau Doc. We also touched a big snake, fed the ducks, took a boat trip under the shadow of the coconut trees, checked out the alligator farm, ate apple custards, sweet dried tamarind, fresh jack fruits, hot and delicious cha lua at the rest stop...

When Huong said she will be available to help 24/7, and said we have nothing to worry about, we now believe her. Everything was just as described in the itinerary or better. She checked us in the hotels before we arrived. She got the airline boarding passes for us as soon as they were available. At midnight she was with us on WhatsApp to give advice when my daughter had a typo on her e-visa. She reminded me to check in for my return home flight which wasn't purchased by her. Every airport and hotel pick up was on time. The drivers were always there at least 30 minutes early.

While we traveled, Huong's service was not ended after we paid her. When I did not have enough Vietnam dong on hand to give a generous tips to the guides or the driver, I asked Huong to help me, by transferring the money to them and I just paid her back later. She did that twice smoothly and effective, and she helped to buy extra luggage kilos for the domestic flights. She dropped by our hotel in Ha Noi to give us gifts. When I told her my sister loved the special O mai she gave us, she sent more to my sisters while they stayed longer in Can Tho. I told her my shoulder was in pain, she gave me a herbal heating pad that helped to reduce the pain and reminded me to use it when I arrived home.

In my goodbye text to Huong, after thanking her for a perfect trip facilitated by her, I told her I consider myself fortunate to have found her, and smart enough to ask her to arrange for our trip. I can say a lot more amazing things about Huong and Way to Vietnam travel agency, but this review is long enough.

Travelling in Dec 2023
Cathy Tolbert

"Great experience! do not hesitate to use Way to Vietnam."

I just returned from an 11 day trip that was arranged by Ms Houng. I could not have asked for a better experience. I was interested in the war memorial tour and was able to visit several locations that were pivotal. I was a little concerned traveling solo, but the trip was so well arranged that I always had a contact number for Huong and/or the tour guides. They would make sure I got checked into the hotels OK and also walk me into the airport to make sure my flights were OK. My tour guide (Truc) in Hue,Da nang, and Hoi A was the best. Nam was my guide in Saigon and the Mekong Delta area. They both were able to share information on local cultures and took me to some local pho restaurants. I am already planning a return trip to focus more on the beauty of the country, the culture, and some beach time.

Travelling in Dec 2023
Rod and Betsey


My husband is a Vietnam Vet and wanted to come back to visit where he served 55 years ago. Miss Bui put together a fantastic 17 day tour for us. I can only say that it exceeded our expectations!! She even took us to a small place in the central highlands( LZ Schueller) where my husband served. Of course, everything has changed in 55 years! But he was happy to see it. The food, hotels, guides, drivers, tours, and activities were fantastic! Don’t hesitate to use Way to Vietnam as your travel agent. Ms Bui can plan whatever you request. She responds right away and is willing to make any changes you request. We hope to return one day and will certainly use Way to Vietnam, if we are lucky enough to return.

Travelling in Nov 2023
Venya S

"Photographers Paradise"

Picked up on time by delightful Petal who was kind helpful and just lovely company
Everything was perfect for half day insence village tour. I enjoyed it very much thanks again Petal

Travelling in Oct 2023

"Come to Vietnam and enjoy the different sights and sounds"

Me and my siblings had a very memorable vacation in Northern Vietnam. Everything was arranged by Ms Huong Bui. She would respond to all our concerns before and during the trip. We had even arranged to wear their national costume "Ao Dai" for our family portrait. She brought them to our hotel. She brought pieces of art for each one of us as a gift. So, that was very sweet of her. The hotel choices were topnotch. And our tour guide Tommy did an excellent job as well. He was very patient to all of us. I would highly recommend Way to Vietnam who wants to have a private package tour to Vietnam.

Travelling in April 2023

"A wonderful 14-day journey through Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia!"

We recently returned from our trip through Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. Our tailor-made 14-day trip was organised by Ms Huong Bui of Way to Vietnam travel agency. Ms Huong Bui helped us starting with planning our own itinerary, advising us on what to see, how to spend our time, etc. Once the plan was in place, she organised everything for us, secured local flights, booked hotels, organised all the excursions etc. There were local guides waiting for us in each country and the next city we visited, who took care of everything and were very friendly and helpful. Everything was organisationally fine-tuned and the itinerary turned out to be perfectly balanced - we did a lot of sightseeing, but also had time to relax and enjoy other local attractions. Throughout the whole trip, Ms Huong Bui kept in touch with us, kept an eye on everything.
A wonderful trip, an unforgettable experience that will stay with us forever. And all this thanks to the support of Ms Huong Bui, who made it all possible. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, extend our warmest greetings and wish you many such satisfied guests as we are!

Travelling in March 2023

Tristam J

"A Viet Vet's Return to Meet Today's Vietnamese"

Actually this trip was just for my wife & me. I am a Vietnam Vet and needed to go back to see, greet, absorb who the people are now and the culture context and atmosphere of the country. Huong Bui was our contact and trip planner through Way to Vietnam, and she did an excellent job understanding us, our preferences, and our objectives. All the arrangements, drivers, guides, hotels, outings, in-country flights were ideal. I miss Vietnam and the people we met. They were without exception warm, welcoming, friendly, sincere and genuinely focused on building relationships. I can't say enough about the quality of those we met and the truly endearing sincerity of their friendship. I learned North Vietnamese, used it, now dream almost nightly of Vietnam, often with the language. I would go back in a heart beat. Safe? Absolutely, not a single threat ever... instead truly fabulous efforts to engage, to support, to help understanding, and make our visit positive. In total it was a wonderful experience.

Travelling in Feb 2023

Jan Erik H Jan Erik H

"Best travel agency in Vietnam"

Our trip was very well organised with hotels, drivers, guides and activities. Everything went very smoothly and we enjoyed a lot of things, not the least the local guides that gave us excellent insight of life and people in Vietnam which made it so much more interesting. We can strongly recommend the organiser!

Travelling in March 2023
Bert van den Berg

"Excellent trip organised by an excellent and trustworthy agency in Vietnam"

We have made an excellent trip of 3 weeks with Way to Vietnam. All was organised perfectly. Excellent enthusiastic guides and safe drivers and each day they where in time to pick us up. All hotels arranged by the travel agency.
We specially would like to mention that we booked this trip in Covid time (April 2021) and of course due to travel restrictions we had to postpone it. This has never been any issue for the travel agency.
Of course booking with an agency outside your own country gives some concerns as you feel you have less control, but we where proven wrong as you can see from our comments above. So in case you would have any doubt or concern Way to Vietnam can be trusted and as mentioned organised our trip into perfection.

Travelling in Feb 2023