Luca Vivian

"Vietnam Beach vacation"

Dear Ms. Nguyet,

A month is already passed, since we came back from our holiday in Vietnam.
As anticipated, we would like to give you a quick feedback on the overall organization.
First of all, let me say me and my wife have been really excited of your beutiful country, we have had great memories and we have really enjoyed any perspective of vietnamese life we have met.
Generally speaking, we believe the hotels selections has been correctly done, where the hotels in Natrang and Datang were definitely family-oriented, as we were looking for.
Specifically talking about Natrang: the beach is quite limited in front of the hotel and it is basically "on the street": beach-lovers cannot really enjoy the hotel location, since you need to move quite far away to find so-called nice beaches.
On the opposite, Datang ("Ocean Villas") offers everything we were looking for: nice location, wonderful surround, real "wild" beach and calm & relaxation.
We will definitely suggest to our friend your organization and your agency.
Best regards,
Luca Vivian & family

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