Tristam J

"A Viet Vet's Return to Meet Today's Vietnamese"

Actually this trip was just for my wife & me. I am a Vietnam Vet and needed to go back to see, greet, absorb who the people are now and the culture context and atmosphere of the country. Huong Bui was our contact and trip planner through Way to Vietnam, and she did an excellent job understanding us, our preferences, and our objectives. All the arrangements, drivers, guides, hotels, outings, in-country flights were ideal. I miss Vietnam and the people we met. They were without exception warm, welcoming, friendly, sincere and genuinely focused on building relationships. I can't say enough about the quality of those we met and the truly endearing sincerity of their friendship. I learned North Vietnamese, used it, now dream almost nightly of Vietnam, often with the language. I would go back in a heart beat. Safe? Absolutely, not a single threat ever... instead truly fabulous efforts to engage, to support, to help understanding, and make our visit positive. In total it was a wonderful experience.

Travelling in Feb 2023

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