Hospitals in Ha Long city

The list of Hospitals in Halong City. International hospitals and clinics for the local and the foreigners. Modern Medical equipments and good English speaking doctors.
Bai Chay Hospital - Benh vien Bai Chay
Bai Chay Hospital is one of biggest hospitals in Halong City with 1200 beds in the area of 36000m2. The hospitals are well equiped with modern medical facilities.
Add : Gieng Day, Ha Long City
Tel : +84 2033 3836566
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Quang Ninh Provincial Hospital - Benh vien da khoa tinh Quang Ninh

This is the second grade hospital in Quang Ninh Province established in 2005 with 700 beds
Add : Tue Tinh Str, Bach Dang Ward, Halong City
Tel : + 84 203 3825 499
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Vinmec Halong International Hospital - Benh vien da khoa Quoc Te VinMec Halong
Vinmec Halong is the 5th Hospital that belong to Vinmec Health Care System. Vinmec Ha Long international hospital has an area of 12.768 square meter, with 8 floors, 1 basement, invested with the most modern, advanced facilities with international standards.
Add : 10A Le Thanh Tong Str, Halong City
Tel : +84 203 3828188
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Vietnam Russia International Eye Hospital
This hospital is in the co-operation of Vietnam and Russia, Vietnam - Russian International Eye Hospital is the first place in Vietnam to receive modern technologies and is the only place where the world's leading international experts directly examine and operate.
Add : A6, Monbay Urban Area, Ha Long City
Tel : + 84 949888801
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Tuberculosis and Lung Hospital in Quang Ninh - Benh vien Lao Phoi Quang Ninh

Add : Ho Dac Di Str, Halong City
Tel : +84 203 3825101
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Medlatec Clinic
Add : C11, Cao Xanh Urban Area, Cao Xanh Ward, Halong City
Tel : 1900565656
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Bai Chay Clinic
Add : 680 Cai Dam Street, Bai Chay Ward, Halong City
Tel : +84 203 656 3838