Need to Know

Everything that you need to know before and when travelling Vietnam

Traditional Medicine in Vietnam

A number of traditional medical treatments are practised in Vietnam. Herbal medicine, much of it imported from China, is widely available and sometimes very effective. As with Western medicine,...

How to Travel safely in Vietnam ?

Vietnam is one of the safest countries in South East Asia for traveling, even more than many big European and American cities. Women and independent travelers have found it relatively hassle-free and...

Exit and Entry Procedure in Quang Ninh

Exit and Entry Procedure in Quang Ninh in the border gate between Mong Cai City, Vietnam and  Dōngxìng City, China for Chinese tourists who visit Vietnam or go to Vietnam for business purposes

The Climate in Vietnam

Vietnam has a particularly complicated climate. The situation described below is therefore only an indication of the type of weather you can expect