What is E-ticket

“Passenger ticket”: is transportation document of passenger and baggage by air plane, and is an evidence of carriage contract; of which terms, notices and the coupons form part. The “passenger ticket” or “ticket” means either “passenger ticket and baggage check” in paper (paper ticket) or electronic ticket.
“Electronic ticket”: is a ticket in electronic form, including all information pertaining to the usage of carriage services of Vietnam Airlines (VN) instead of paper ticket. Electronic ticket (E-ticket) has all information as shown in the paper ticket of VN and VN takes the responsibility to store the E-ticket data base and guarantees smooth travel for passengers.

“Passenger and baggage carriage contract”: is a dossier of E-ticket, carriage conditions, tariffs of VN and other written agreements of both parties.

Advantages of E-ticket to passengers

More secure because you can avoid risks of lost, torn, crushed or crumpled, folded, dirty ticket.

Faster check-in process.

It is easier for VN staffs to make changes to E-ticket upon required because ticket information retrieval is faster and more precisely.

More convinient transaction between the airline and passengers when E-ticket will be sold via the Internet.

In the future, when it is possible, you can perform self check-in for saving time.

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