Specialty Foods in Dalat

Da Lat is a highland City in the South of Vietnam. It's very famous for nice weather and awesome foods. Here are the list of some specialty foods of Da Lat.
• Barbecues
You will be impressed by the way chefs season their meat. Your mouth will water as you watch the waiter fill a plate with unusually arranged pieces of meat on your table. If you are sitting at the same table with someone from northern Viet Nam, s/he will immediately tell you the taste is typical of northern cooking. A good restaurant for barbecue is Sa Pa on Hai Thuong Street . The house is modeled after the stilt house of the northwestern part of northern Viet Nam and the Central Highlands. The price for a plate of roasted meat for four persons is VND 100,000.

• Dishes prepared from local or marine products
Some restaurants serve dishes made from both local and marine products, but if you want to have 200-gram lobsters, the place to go to is the restaurant with the name meaning "sea and mountain," which is Hai Son,   near Da Lat Market.

• Asian and European food
Tourists may also dine at restaurants serving both Asian and European dishes. In particular, try Cafe de la Poste, the casual cafe that is near the Sofitel Palace and Novotel. They serve French pastries, and next to the bar is a pool table.

• Cabbage
Da Lat is a city of cabbages. They not only carpet the hills surrounding the town but also occupy pieces of land near Xuan Huong Lake and Le Dai Hanh Street. Da Lat's cabbages are grown with hygienic technology, so you're safe eating such vegetable dishes. The nets covering the plants not only protect them from insects, but enhance the local landscape.
Cabbages are so abundant that some restaurants won't even charge customers for a plate of cabbage topped with sliced egg. Such generosity may even be extended to include goat meat hot pot (lau dê), a dish that you can enjoy with your cabbage dish.

Below are some good Lau dê (goat hot pot) restaurants:
-Lam Ky Hotpot ( Lẩu dê Lâm Ký)
Add: 2 Ngo Tat To Str, Ward 8, Da Lat City
- Ngan Hotpot ( Lẩu dê Ngân)
Add: 21 Tran Phu Str, Ward 3, Da Lat City

Some law-end Lẩu dê restaurants are on Le Quy Don Street (near Nguyen Van Cu Street and 3 thang 2 Street), and khu Ba Toa (one kilometer from Da Lat Market).

•  Artichoke

Artichoke season runs between December and June. For six months, this voluptuous vegetable becomes a regular item in many restaurants. The most popular artichoke dish is stewed with pig legs, it is believed to have medicinal values, facilitating urination, cooling the liver system, and ensuring a sound sleep. Tourists on holiday during the Vietnamese Lunar New Year Tết (end of January - February) usually eat this dish.

• Mekong Delta dishes
Nhu Ngoc 2 Restaurant, which serves dishes from the Mekong Delta, is an interesting place. It is conveniently located behind the central post office in the town center, overlooking the central market. The menu includes, among other things, rice cooked in the traditional style, using small terra cotta pots. Adding to the rustic ambience are the waitresses who are dressed in the traditional bà ba uniform of the Mekong Delta. You can find Nhu Ngoc 2 Restaurant at No. 19/8 Ho Tung Mau Street.