Restaurants in Sapa

Sapa’s specialties are another reasons attracting more and more tourists travelling to this town. The cool weather of the region makes barbecued meat and fish with mushroom and vegetables the most preferred street foods in Sapa. More surprisingly, Western restaurants, from Italian to French ones, can also be found around the center of Sapa, at a very reasonable price.
The list of Restaurants in Sapa from popular restaurants to fine dining restaurants Where you can find best local food, Asian food and Western food:
Le Gecko Sapa restaurant
Le Gecko Sapa was the first Le Gecko Sapa Restaurant that relocated in 2017 due to the increasing number of customers. With the capacity of 200 people,  Le Gecko 033 Xuan Vien is confident to provide the best taste from France, Italy to Vietnamese traditional specialties. Moreover, the restaurant makes a huge impression on all visitors by building noble tall walls symbolizing the French architecture in a luxurious space. The exquisite local handicrafts are placed harmoniously on the strong yellow, bordeux color and wooden brown areas.
Add: 033 Xuan Vien Street, Sapa
Tel: +84 214 387 1898
Cuisines: French, European, Asian, Vietnamese
Price range: 4-15 usd
Opening hours: 6h30-23h00

Le Gecko Chalet Restaurant
Le Gecko Chalet is the 4th establishment in the Le Gecko Sapa restaurant chain, located at 03 Suoi Ho, Sapa Town, Lao Cai Province which is a stopover for tourists arriving in Sapa early and a waiting area for customers for bus returning to Hanoi and other provinces.
​Add: 3 Suoi Ho Str, Sapa
Tel: +84 214 350 2828
Cuisines: Vietnamese, French, Western
Price range: 5-15 usd
Opening hours: 7h00-23h00

                                                   Le Gecko Chalet Restaurant
Le Petit Gecko restaurant

Le Petit Gecko was established in 2007 and specializes in serving local specialities. This is a wooden house of the H'mong minority which is more than 50 years old. As the tradition of the H'mong people who cook by wood stove in the house and over the years, the smoke of the stove has created a glossy black for pillars that no paint can create.
Add: 15 Xuan Vien Str, Sapa
Tel: +84 214 387 1131
Cuisines: Cafe, Asian, Vietnamese
Price range: 5-15 usd
Opening hours: 7h00-23h00

Le Gecko Café
Le Gecko Café: 02 Ngu Chi Son, Sapa Town, Lao Cai Province. Located next to the romantic Sapa lake, Le Gecko Café is distinguished by French architecture, by the perfect combination of burning yellow and pure white. It specialises in French pastries, Italian coffee and exquisite fast food.
Add: 02 Ngu Chi Son Str, Sapa
Tel: +84 214 387 1224
Cuisines: French, Italian
Opening hours: 7h00-23h00

Moment Romantic Restaurant
Moment Romantic Restaurant in center of Sapa is just a minute walk to sapa catholic church, situated on a pedestrian street in the town of Sapa with a staff of experience, enthusiasm friendly, always brings joy comfortable relaxation to guests in our restaurant, we specialize in catering food and drink in our restaurant, is always clean, fresh and local growing organic. Our motto is to provide customer satisfaction that is success for us...
Add: 1A Thac Bac Str, Sapa
Tel: +84 98 288 49 65
Cuisines: Local cuisine, European, Asian, Fusion, Vietnamese, Vegetarian Friendly
Price range: 3-10 usd
Opening hours: 8h00-22h00

Anise Sapa Restaurant

Welcome to Anise Sapa Restaurant, where dining becomes an unforgettable experience. Our restaurant boasts a cozy fireplace and is designed by French architects, offering a unique and charming atmosphere to enhance your dining experience. Indulge in our delectable menu featuring local and international cuisine, carefully prepared by our skilled chefs using only the freshest ingredients. Savor the flavors of Sapa and beyond, with a range of dishes to suit every palate. Our restaurant is the perfect destination for a romantic dinner or a group celebration, with seating options both indoors and outdoors. Enjoy stunning views of the surrounding hills and the charming ambiance of our restaurant. At Anise Sapa Restaurant, we pride ourselves on
Add: 02 Bac Da Str, Xuan Vien, Sapa
Tel: +84 91 328 7981
Cuisine: European, Vietnamese
Price range: 5-40 usd
Opening hours: 10h00-22h00

Family Restaurant
Located in the center of Sapa City, this restaurant has many choices of cuisines from local to asian and european foods, good for family with kids.
Add: 63 Fansipan Str, Sapa
Tel: +84 97 222 7755
Cuisine: Italian, French, Asian, Korean, Vietnamese
Price range: 3-25 usd
Opening hours: 7h00-22h30

A Phủ Restaurant

Inspired by the H'mong ethnic culture, A Phu Sapa Restaurant was born as the unique place in Sapa that shows the true Northwest cuisine with diverse dishes from Salmon, Sturgeon, Ban Pig, Ban Chicken, Thang Co Horse will definitely bring you a unique culinary experience
Add: 15 Fansipan Str, Sapa
Tel: +84 868 159 900
Cuisine: Vietnamese
Price range: 3-20 usd
Opening hours: 9h00-23h00

Viethome Restaurant

Add: 19 Tue Tinh Str, Sapa
Tel: +84 91 306 9423
Cuisine: Chinese, American, Vietnamese
Price range: 5 -50 usd
Opening hours: 7h00-23h00

Paradise Restaurant

A good restaruant with beautiful view to Muong Hoa Valley, good food and drinks, friendly staffs.
Add: 20 Muong Hoa Str, Sapa
Tel: +84 338 923 662
Cuisine: Vietnamese, Cafe, British, Deli, Indigenous
Price range: 3-20 usd
Opening hours: 8h00-22h00

Sapa Sky View Restaurant and Bar

A new restaurant on the roof top of Chau Long Hotel with unique design. wide range of menu of asian and western food.
Add: Rooftop of Chau Long Hotel, 24 Dong Loi Str, Sapa
Tel: +84 91 460 2529
Cuisine: Asian, Western, Authentic Vietnamese
Price range: 9-40 usd
Opening hours: 7h00-22h00

Mega View Restaurant

This an Authentic Restaurant Where you can enjoy all local organic specialities from minorities in Sapa
Add: 24 Cau May Alley, Sapa
Tel: +84 98313 0287
Cuisines: Local organic food, Cafe, Diner, Gastropub
Price range: 1-25 usd
Opening hours: 6h30-22h00

Good Morning Vietnam

Cozy Restaurant in the town center Where you can find the best Vietnam and Asian food
Add: 63B Fansipan Str, Sapa
Tel: +84 91 213 59 09
Cuisines: Vietnamese, Asian
Price range: 5-15 usd
Opening hours: 8h00-22h00

Aliana Sapa Restaurant & Bar

Situated at the ground floor of the Aliana Boutique Sapa hotel, with contemporary stylish luxury settings and two wood-burning fireplaces, the top-rated fine dining Aliana Sapa Restaurant & Bar is a truly unique location in Sapa where guests can enjoy a gourmet dinner and an exceptional dining experience while overlooking the beautiful views of valley and mountain. Aliana Sapa Restaurant & Bar offers delectable, four-star, distinctive Vietnamese cuisine complimented by a wide range of wine list and superior service. This fine dining Vietnamese restaurant is accessed easily from Sapa center by car or on foot.
Add: 30 Hoang Lien Str, Sapa
Tel: +84 214 3772 268
Cuisines: International, Fusion, Vietnamese, Asian
Price range: usd 6-20
Opening hours: 6h30-22h00

                                           Aliana Sapa Restaurant & Bar

Nature View Restaurant

This restaurant is located on a quite street on the way to Cat Cat village. The antique designed Sapa Nature View Restaurant offers you various tasty authentic Vietnamese dishes and standard Western menu for lunch and dinner.
Add: 51 Fansipan Str, Sapa
Phone: +84 915449707
Cuisines: sian, Vietnamese, International
Price range: US$2-7
Opening hours: 10h00-22h00

Little Sa Pa Restaurant

Located in the center of Sapa City, Little Sapa Restaurants is a good place for you dining out
Add: 5 Dong Loi Str, Sapa
Tel: +84 38 8063526
Cuisines: French, Vietnamese, Vegetarian, International
Price range: US$2-15
Opening hours: 7h00-22h00

Chicago Pizza Sapa
Chicago Pizza Sapa is a family run restaurant specializing in Pizza and International cuisines. Dining in this restaurant you can enjoy best pizza and warm dining atmosphere, friendly staffs
Add: 8A Thac Bac Str, Sapa
Tel: +84 96909 3502
Cuisines: American, Pizza, Fast Food, Asian, Vietnamese, Italian
Price range: Medium
Opening hours: 7h00-23h00

Pi's Kitchen
Add: Sapa Boutique Hotel, 41 Fansipan St, Sapa
Tel: +84 98 389 72 86
Cuisines: Vietnamese, International
Price range: from 3$
PI's Kitchen restaurant is also located in the magnificent real state with the view of the Muong Hoa valley and of the Fansipan peak so you can enjoy the good foods cooked by “Son Chef” without missing the occassion of watching the imposing and splendid beauty of Sapa

Delta Restaurant
Delta Italian Restaurant established in 1999. Delta is an up-market Italian restaurant and wine bar, making the most of fresh local and imported products, The restaurant is located in Cau May street. It is near the mini mart and hotel.
Add: 33 Cau May Str, Sapa
Tel: +84 96 915 88 78
Cuisines: Italian
Price range: US$8-30
Opening hours: 8h00-22h00

YUMMY restaurant
Establish by Sunny who has been working in tourism industry for a quiet long time. We offer a large choice food which comming from our expert chief. We taking care experience of every single client with real atmosphere multiculture of Sapa. Please come to us and let us make your moment become unforgetable!
Add: 41B Muong Hoa Str, Sapa
Tel: +84 91215 7232
Cuisines: French, Asian, Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Healthy
Price range: 4-10 usd
Opening hours: 9h00-22h00

Red Dao House Restaurant
Located in the heart of the town of Sapa. The Red Dao House restaurant is a fascinating traditional wooden house on stilts of the Red Dao hill briber in the North West mountain of Vietnam. It is much more than a restaurant; it’s a wonderful dining experience.
Add: 04B Thac Bac St.
Tel: +84 96 914 97 89
Cuisines: Vietnamese, Asian
Price range: US$2-15
Opening hours: 7h00-22h00

                                Red Dao House Restaurant

Thung Lung May Restaurant

A nice restaurant on the side hill of Muong Hoa Valley, you can enjoy the good food and good view.
Add: 56 Violet Str, Sapa
Tel: +84 93 450 8209
Cuisine: Asian, Western
Price range: 3-25 usd
Opening hours: 08h00-22h00

Sang Meo Restaurant

Sang Meo Sa Pa Restaurant is located in the center of Sa Pa town (at the end of Sun Plaza building). The restaurant has a cozy space, politely decorated, with a team of professional chefs and extremely friendly staff. The restaurant specializes in serving dishes with bold flavors of Sa Pa in particular and the Northwest region in general from fresh ingredients. We always welcome you and look forward to serving you
Add: 29 Fansipan Str, Sapa
Tel: +84 88 868 1221
Cuisine: Vietnamese, Asian, Hot pot and grilled, Typical local dishes  
Price range: 7-20 usd
Opening hours: 8h00-22h00

Ngu Ong Restaurant
This restaurant specialize in local food; fishes, black chicken, mountain pork...
Add: 522 Dien Bien Phu Str, Sapa
Tel: +84 91 822 8358
Cuisine: Vietnamese, Local dish
Price range: 5-25 usd
Opening hours: 7h00-23h00