Art Galleries in Ho Chi Minh City

Are you  looking for an art gallery in Ho Chi Minh city? Here is the list of Art Galleries in Ho Chi Minh City Where you can find the best art works
Vietnam Art Gallery
Founded in 2011 and located in Nguyen Hue street – one of the most central streets in HCMC, VietnamART Gallery haas offered you both a distinctive perspective of Vietnam’s artful life and satisfactory and full service for your right collection.
 With over 10 years of experience in the fine market, VietnamART not only sells the paintings, but also collects and exhibits them for everyone who want to enjoy the real art. With a track record of identifying and developing exceptional new talent, VietnamART has become a destination for art tours of the world’s leading cultural institutions, private collectors and diplomatic visits.
 Getting the certificate of professional painting collector and the constant passion of art, VietnamART has devoted to the viewers the masterpieces of Vietnam modern art.
Add: 80 Nguyen Hue Str, Ben Nghe Ward, Dist 1, Ho Chi Minh Citu
Tel: +84 28 3824 2058

                           The moonlight by Artist Ho Huu Thu

The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre

This is the first purpose-built space for contemporary art in Vietnam. As an independent organization, we are a ‘factory’ of critical ideas; a site of constant physical transformation; a network of people who strive to speak about tangible and intangible cultural memories that matter and are indelibly unique. Located 20 minutes east of the centre of Ho Chi Minh City in Thao Dien, in District 2, The Factory’s unique architecture with over 500m2 stands out as a beacon of creative spirit.
Add: 165 Nguyen Van Huong Str, Thao Dien Ward, Dist 2, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: +84 28 3744 2589

Craig Thomas Gallery
Craig Thomas Gallery (CTG) was founded in 2009 with the express mission to create a much needed curated gallery space in Ho Chi Minh City focused primarily on the development of young Vietnamese visual artists. Over the eleven years since its inception, CTG has endeavored to identify and support young artists and help them become established in their artistic practices. Although the gallery began with a local focus, CTG’s roster is now evenly balanced with artists from Vietnam’s three main art centers of Hanoi, Saigon and Hue. CTG hosts a regular program of exhibitions at our Saigon gallery which includes a minimum of two debutant artists having their first commercial gallery exhibitions each year.
Add: 27i Tran Nhat Duat Str, Tan Dinh Ward, Dist 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: +84 903 888 431

Rehahn's Gallery
Located just under Café des Stagiaires, the gallery showcases the artist’s iconic portraits, landscapes, and lifestyle Fine Art. The opening exhibition “Memories of Impressionism” reveals Réhahn’s pinnacle new works. The series of Impressionist photographs launches an original movement in photography, combining influences from Fine Art’s history with a contemporary sophistication. These recent oeuvres are an homage to painters such as Van Gogh, Monet and Pissarro. Already bestsellers, the photographs appear, through their texture and color palettes, to be Fine Art paintings from a golden age.

The photographs are available in Reproduction and Collector’s Original formats. Reproductions are a perfect souvenir of Vietnam, while Original Limited Editions are investment pieces, which increase in value over time.
Add: No.8,10 Street 54, Thao Dien, Ho Chi Minh city
Tel: +84 949 820 698

Ao Dai Exhibition

Ao Dai Exhibition honours the proudful traditional beauty of the Vienamese national costume Through more than 100 original and restored artifacts exhibited formally, visitors have a thorough knowledge of the formation and development of the Vietnamese Ao Dai in each historical period. Ao Dai Exhibition is located at the 2nd floor of Saigon House, a cultural house on Nguyen Hue Pedestrian Street
Add: 2nd floor 77 Nguyen Hue Str, Dist 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: +84 91 472 6948

Galerie Quynh
Recognized as Vietnam's leading contemporary art gallery, Galerie Quynh has been promoting contemporary art practice in the country for over two decades. The gallery is known internationally for its consistently focused programming and educational initiatives. Working with a select group of emerging, mid-career and established Vietnamese artists, the gallery also exhibits the work of distinguished artists from around the world.
Add: 118 Nguyen Van Thu Str, Dakao Ward, Dist 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: +84 28 3822 7218

Ben Thanh Art & Fame
Ben Thanh Gallery & Frame gallery (BTA gallery) was found by Ms.Nguyen Thi Thu Suong in 1999 as a Contemporary Fine Art Gallery and house of frames
Today, Ben Thanh Art Gallery’s customers not only originate in South East Asia but in many other parts of the world. Besides providing the finest masterpieces, Ben Thanh Art Gallery also consult, introduce, host conferences and develop Vietnamese Fine Arts for many individuals, organizations and museums.
Add: 07 Nguyen Thiep Str, Ben Nghe Ward, Dist 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: +84 28 3823 3001

Flymindz Art Studio

Flymindz is where you can set your mind free from limitations to add more vibrant colors to your life.

Flymindz Art Studio was established by Viet Max, who has been well-known as one of initiators of early Vietnamese Hip-Hop culture as well as a film director in recent years. However, there is one thing you might not know about Viet Max is his “Art life”.

Viet Max started making art when he was only 3 years old. He dropped out of Business Management University and later became a successful shortlisted candidate for the full scholarship award of Hanoi College of Art. He worked as a coordinator for Hoa Hoc Tro cartoons and comics, a graphic designer and Art Director in three big PR firms with a large number of magazines for Mercedes, Ford, Yamaha, Nokia, Mobiado, Nikko, Swatch, Unicef, KFW, etc. Adidas Supershell campaign, painting on Vinacafe Guiness coffee cup and being brand representative of Star Wars Rogue One for Disney are also his recent successes.

Flymindz is found with one goal – dedicating his life to art and helping youngsters get closer and inspired by his art innovations.
Add: Room 14,  3rd Floor, 42 Bis Ly Tu Trong Str, Ben Nghe Ward, Dist 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: +84 90 488 0879

Minh Anh Art Gallery

Established in 1995, Minh Anh Art Gallery is one of the oldest oil painting gallery in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Located in the backpacker area on Bui Vien Street, a popular tourist destination with many foreigners staying. We bring you beautiful hand-painted oil paintings in various themes and styles by our talented artists. We also offer custom painting orders, specializing in custom portrait painting, pet painting, landscape, abstract, oil painting reproduction. We Minh Anh Art Gallery provide quality oil paintings at a meagre price. Welcome and enjoy the artworks in our gallery.
Add: 101 Bui Vien Str, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, Dist 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel:  +84 96 272 0408

Lotus Gallery

Established in 1991, Lotus Gallery is one of the very first private galleries opened in HCMC (Saigon) and ever since, we have worked extremely hard on the mission to nurture Vietnam art’s talents and popularize their work to the global market.

More than 30 years in business, our founder, Madame Nguyen Thi Xuan Phuong, has laid the first milestone for Lotus Gallery as a local art trader, then expanded the business scope to hosting variable art exhibitions in foreign countries (first in France, the other parts of Europe, Asia countries, and North America).
Add: Cspace Center, 12-13 N1 Tan Thuan Dong Ward, Dist 7, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: +84 34 698 6368