Great coffee in Dalat

If you love coffee Da Lat is one of the best places for coffees, try Thuy Ta and Thanh Thanh restaurants by Xuan Huong Lake, the coffee street on the slope going up to Hoa Binh Quarter. Also, visit the bars on the top floors of some hotels. From these higher levels, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the brightly lit town below.
Thuy Ta and Thanh Thanh serve food indoors, but reserve the outdoor space for drinkers. On a quiet evening, what could be more blissful than sipping hot coffee on a terrace overlooking the lake, and watching the veil of mist rising from the water's surface?

The cost at Thuy Ta may be a little high, but you have both European, Asian and Vietnamese food and good coffee at the same place. In addition, the restaurant has performances of traditional Hue music on weekends. You can request that the local musicians and singers perform your favorite pieces.

Many coffee bars in the Hoa Binh Quarter are open from morning until night. You can find the most popular and cheapest coffee at the bars around the central markets, such as Phan Boi Chau, Nguyen Chi Thanh, Nguyen Van Troi and Truong Cong Dinh. The price for a cup of hot black coffee is only VND 2,000.

In the middle of the slope leading to Hoa Binh Quarter is a row of coffee bars on Nguyen Chi Thanh Street. From here, you can enjoy a good view of the town landscape. These bars attract customers in the early morning and late evening. The price for a cup of black coffee is as high as VND 4,000-5,000; a cup of coffee with milk, VND 6,000. This area is named "the coffee street" of Da Lat. Of special note: Internet access is ubiquitous in this area.

Another popular coffee bar in Hoa Binh Quarter is Tung. The owner is known for playing recordings of classical music to create a more relaxing atmosphere. And the coffee is highly regarded.

Below are some other favored coffee bars:

- Valentine in Ho Tung Mau Street provides a great view of Da Lat. There are actually 3 different locations - the best one overlooks the main lake. Valentine also sells its own blend of arabica, robusta and cherry blend, roasted in wine and butter. You can come with a group of friends and dine in your own "pavilion."

- Bich Dao near Bao Dai Mansion is for those seeking a quiet environment and selection of fine musical recordings.