The 10 Best Mountain Resorts in Vietnam

The 10 Best Mountain Resorts in Vietnam are the best places for people Who love the nature, mountains, and want to escape from busy lives of big cities. Most of these resorts located in high mountain or national parks so they are very quiet and have beautiful views to mountains and jungles.
1. Papiu Resort Ha Giang – The moment for couples
P’apiu, elegantly hidden among the lustrous scenery at the mountain’s peak, is the final point of a long mountain range that begins at Vi Xuyen district and ends at the refreshing refreshing stream at the foot of Mount P’apiu, Yen Dinh village, Bac Me district, Ha Giang province.
P’apiu was formed over the period of 7 years entirely through human effort. Exclusively designed for couples, P'apiu's core belief is "resort products are the states of love." In other words, P'apiu is the place to honor love.
P'apiu's staff, all of whom are locals, naturally radiate auras that reflect their unique experiences. Every day, they enthusiastically yearn to shape more "strange" experiences at "love's peak".
Come to Mount P’apiu to reminisce, to unravel the deepest parts of your soul, to experience a journey unlike any before, and to naturally lose yourself in the moment. P’apiu resort will provide new meanings and redefine your resort experiences in Vietnam!
Price range: 600 – 1700 usd/night
Add: Yen Dinh Commune, Bac Me District, Ha Giang Province, Vietnam
Tel: +84 219 3841 999

2. Avana Retreat Mai Chau
Avana has the characteristic of the highland climate that is quite similar to its neighbor Moc Chau. The comfortable weather makes the retreat beautiful all year round with plum blossom season, bauhinia blossom season, rice growing season, and harvesting season. It's beautiful even in the winter when the leaves have dropped and the trees are down to their bare bones.
  Their priority in everything that They do is to protect the environment. The waterfalls have been kept in their initial state while streamlets continue to meander their way through the valley.
  Ninety percent of Avana staff are ethnic people whose former incomes came mainly from two rice cultivations in the fields. They came to Avana with limited education and no knowledge of hospitality and tourism but had an aspiration to diversify and improve their ability to earn a living.
This is a good place for you to relax some days after adventure tours to the North West of Vietnam before going back to Hanoi.
Price range: 285-1000 usd per night
Add: Panh Village, Bao La Commune, Mai Chau, Hoa Binh
Tel: +84 2183 819 868